Gerald Meerschaert’s Thunderous Body Kick Was Heard By Everyone In The Entire Arena

Gerald Meerschaert put a halt to Eric Spicely’s early success with a thunderous body kick.

Meerschaert vs. Spicely followed up a lackluster bout between DeAnna Bennett and Melinda Fabian on the main card of “The Ultimate Fighter” 26 Finale. The middleweight tilt was held inside the Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A barrage of strikes from Meerschaert got the opening round started. Spicely answered with a takedown. He took the back of his opponent and had both hooks in. Spicely dropped some strikes to try to open up Meerschaert for the choke. Spicely tried getting under the neck, but Meerschaert defended. Spicely wound up on his back near the end of the round.

Round two saw both fighters trying to open with their own strengths, with Meerchaert throwing strikes and Spicely shooting for a take down that was stuffed. The two went back and forth with Meerchaert throwing strikes again, and Spicely once more going for the take down. Meerschaert landed a few stiff body kicks in the process. Meerschaert continued to work the body kicks, landing two in a row that wound up crumpling Spicely to end the fight.

“He’s got a pretty tough chin,” Meerschaert said after the main-card bout, which aired on FS1 from Park Theater in Las Vegas. “It usually works one way or the other, right? Either you’ve got a tough chin and a weak body. Or you’ve got a weak body and a tough chin.”

“The kick was just there and I knew I wasn’t going to get taken down off it,” Meerschaert said. “And I know I’ve landed that body kick on a lot of good guys, a lot of times. I know if I can get that shin across your liver, it’s going to do some damage.

“Once I saw it open, I was like, ‘I’m going to make you (expletive) your pants. Or you’re going to quit. Something’s going to happen. Either way, it’s going to be awesome.’”

“Every fight is important, but especially that,” Meerschaert said. “I’m coming off a loss. We each have wins over coming opponents, but he beat the last guy I fought. So getting a finish on him looks really good on my resume. Like I said, the UFC is my home.

“I want to stay here the rest of my career. And I’m here to put on exciting fights and fight the toughest guys I can.”


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