Fat Joe Tells Incredible Mike Tyson Story: ‘We About To Get Knocked Out’

Apparently, rapper Fat Joe is brimming with secrets and stories of his encounters with Iron Mike Tyson from over the years.

Joe appeared on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” and “I Got a Story to Tell” this week and in one of the appearances he relived a time where he and Big Pun (R.I.P.) were trying to get in a Tunnel Party and got into a heated confrontation with bounces when Big Pun refused to take his shoes off.


According to Joe, he and Pun got into an argument with bouncers at infamous New York City nightclub, The Tunnel, at the height of Pun’s career. Joe says that just as everything was about to spiral out of control, Mike Tyson appeared out of nowhere, fresh out of jail and wearing a Islamic Kufi.

“So I’m telling Pun, ‘We about to get knocked out, these guys are cocked-diesel seven footers.’ Pun’s like, ‘I don’t care, let’s do it, let’s go.’ Now it’s eight of them, 8 out the 10, only two of them are like chill…

“Out of nowhere, we hear this voice go ‘Yo Pun, Yo Joe, let’s F these dudes up, I got your back’. We turn around and it’s Iron Mike Tyson. 2:30 in the morning with the cuffie on, fresh outta jail, had the suit on and he starts taking off his shoes. It was a blessing, Allah sent us a blessing. I turn around and everyone is like oh my God.”