BREAKING: Mark Hunt To Sue UFC For $2.5 Million

It’s no secret that Mark Hunt is furious with the UFC after the debacle that was his ‘fight’ with roided up gorilla-man, Brock Lesnar, at UFC 200.

But now, after making multiple attempts to resolve subsequent mess, plus campaigning for harsher penalties for cheaters, scrapping the four-month testing exemption and requesting a ‘cheaters clause’ be added to his contract, the Super Samoan has now filed to sue the fight promotion for Lesnar’s entire $2.5 million purse plus the pay-per-view figure earnt from the event.

In an exclusive interview with, the knockout artist was unequivocal about going after his former opponent’s entire UFC 200 earnings; “Yes I am suing Lesnar and the UFC for his entire purse. Cheaters deserve nothing!”, an emphatic Hunt stated.

The man has a point; Lesnar at UFC 200 was his third opponent in a row that has been embroiled in a drug scandal. Before that, he knocked out former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and did the same to Brazilian man-mountain Antônio Silva in their rematch.

Granted, Silva was clean the second time around but Hunt broke bones in several places in his hand and had to undergo corrective surgery when he first fought the testorone-enhanced beast back in 2013, causing him to be unfit to fight for the following 9 months.

Add to this the fact that Lesnar received an exemption from re-entering the USADA drug testing pool for the mandatory four-month period that returning fighters usually have to go through, and the disparity between their pay packets (Lesnar received a whopping $2.5 million while Hunt only received $700k), and it’s understandable why the Super Samoan is p*ssed.

“Before the fight, I was assuming he was cheating,” Hunt said in the aftermath of his Lesnar bout. “Look at him. There’s no way that guy makes 265 pounds. That guy is a gimp, he’s sticking needles in his ass like the rest of these cheaters. And the thing about that is, he’s sitting here saying ‘this is a fair place.’ Well, it’s not fair. These guys are cheating and they should be in court for it. [They should] lose all of their money if they’re cheating, because if I die in there, who’s going to look after my family?

“That’s corrupt sh*t, man. These motherf*ckers should be penalised hard. Dirty, scummy, cheating scum. That’s how that monkey won his world title. He didn’t do it by doing it clean. He did it by cheating.”

Following the July 9 fiasco, Hunt was expecting the UFC to reach out to him but never even received a phone call.

The Super Samoan has since turned down two fights after the UFC denied his request to add a clause to his contract relating to penalties for future opponents being caught cheating.

He has since reluctantly agreed to face heavyweight superstar Alistair Overeem at UFC 209 on March 4 due to being informed if he doesn’t accept the fight he may be breaching his contract terms.

However, he still wants a clause put in place so that if either fighter is caught cheating, they forfeit their purse to the other.

“It’s only fair that if a guy gets caught cheating, he doesn’t get paid,” Hunt stated. “I’m putting my life on the line when I get inside the cage, all I’m asking for is a level playing field.”

He also sent the following public message to Overeem via Instagram:

“@alistairovereem @Alistairovereem hey bruv I wanna fight 209 but would need a clause put in we both agree if one guy is cheating then he forfeits purse dm me since UFC won’t do anything about it I have to seek my own way ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾”

While it’s true that the UFC have put some effort towards tackling the scrouge of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport, most noticeably with the employment of the impartial USADA to oversee all drug testing, the promotion is still miles behind when it comes to punishing fighters who use PED’s.

After all, a fighter is fined a minimum of 20% of their ‘show’ money for simply missing weight and that money goes straight into the pocket of their opponent. So how can it be that a drug cheat doesn’t lose a penny? Surely that has to change if the promotion is serious about getting cleaning the sport up.