Tyron Woodley Airs Dirty Laundry With Dana White Publicly

UFC president Dana White and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley have continued to go back and forth this week regarding a possible bout between Woodley and lightweight stand-out Nate Diaz.

Woodley has campaigned heavily since early December of 2017 to fight Diaz, who showed absolutely no signs of interest in a bout for the welterweight strap.

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This was seen by some fans as Woodley trying to secure a big pay cheque for fighting Diaz, who has skyrocketed in popularity following his back to back bouts with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. Diaz’ apathetic response to the prospect of a fight saw Woodley take time off for shoulder surgery, before resuming his campaign to fight Diaz in January.

Diaz would later declare in late January that he was ready to return to the cage and that he was targeting a comeback in May or June.

“I’m getting to the point where I’m sick of not fighting. I’m not getting any younger,” Diaz told ESPN in an interview. “I put that tweet out saying I wanted to fight in May or June, but I didn’t say who because I was weighing my options. And now, Woodley is my best option.

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Woodley would then go on to tell fans on social media that the fight with Diaz was in the works, but White would soon refute that.

“He’s full of shit. You couldn’t be more wrong, He couldn’t be more full of shit. It’s so not true,” said White. “We’re looking at Rafael dos Anjos vs. Woodley for the title.” Woodley would respond in kind with an absolute doozy of a tweet that has fans in the mixed martial arts community looking at a possible collision course between the promoter and their champion.

“Dos Anjos is the fight we’re looking at for Woodley,” White said. “That’s the fair fight, he just won a great fight against Robbie Lawler and looked good and what I love about that fight is dos Anjos will bring it. He will come after Tyron Woodley and it will be a great fight. That’s the fight that’s gonna happen.”

Dos Anjos’ latest win over former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler certainly puts him in title contention, after he put a major beating across five action-packed rounds on the “Ruthless” one to win an emphatic decision. The question remains, will that be enough to secure a bout with Woodley, who so obviously would rather fight Diaz?

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“We’ve offered Nate Diaz five or six fights in the last several months and he’s turned them all down,” White said. “I’ve said many times over the last several months that I don’t see Nate Diaz fighting. Will he fight this year? Maybe he’ll come out and see he wants to fight eventually, but no, he’s turned down every fight we’ve offered.“

Check out Woodley’s hilarious response to Dana White’s comments below and let us know what you think!