Dana White Confirms Who Conor McGregor Will Face After Mayweather

As soon as the bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was confirmed, MMA fans began speculating as to just what the fu*k The Notorious would do after the mega-fight.

A lot of people have been saying that he should fight Tony Ferguson, who is on a nine-fight winning streak in the UFC lightweight division.

Others have suggested that he will face off against Nate Diaz in a trilogy fight in order to squash their beef, once and for all.

People (other than comedian Joey Diaz) have even suggested that the Irishman will face off against the current welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley, in a superfight that would surely p*ss a lot of fans off.

That’s the fu*ken fight, you fu*ks!

Well, during some press work for the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing fight, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Conor McGregor will fight before the end of the year, against Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title.

“You know what Conor told me? He said, ‘I want Khabib in Russia,’” White told MMAjunkie. “Isn’t he fu*king awesome? He’s like, ‘I want Khabib, in Russia.’ He’s awesome. Conor McGregor is a fu*king unicorn. There’s nothing like him. He’s working on boxing Floyd Mayweather and then he’s talking about fighting Khabib in Russia right after.”

Dudes looks like a POW after a weight cut…

Before that goes down, there’s the small matter of the fight between Ferguson and Nurmagomedov that White said “still needs to happen,” although he didn’t announce when or where that would take place.

“Those guys [have] got to fight,” White stated. “It would have seemed a lot worse if those two guys fought [at UFC 209], and they were all sitting around waiting. It didn’t happen. That fight still needs to happen. So this thing could time out perfectly.”

Whether a fight in Russia is even realistic remains to be seen but White said McGregor’s willingness to do something so bold is just another thing that sets him apart from most MMA fighters.

“Those are the kind of things that make that kid a fu*king superstar,” White said. “I’ve got guys telling me, ‘I don’t want to do sh*t – I don’t want to fight this guy, and I don’t want to do this.’ [Conor says], ‘I want Floyd Mayweather then I want fu*king Khabib in Russia.’ How do you not love him? How do you not love Conor McGregor? Amazing.”