Dana White Reacts To Referee Mario Yamasaki’s “Disgusting” Performance At UFC Belem

Dana White has unleashed a tongue-lashing on experienced MMA referee Mario Yamasaki following the heavily-anticipated UFC Fight Night 125 flyweight match-up between Valentina Shevchenko and Priscilla Cachoeira.

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The controversial matchup was always going to be a one-sided affair. Coming in at $1.10 odds to take out the fight, Shevchenko has honed her skills recently against the likes of Amanda Nunes and Holly Holm in the Bantamweight division. She recently dropped weight classes in order to fight against competitors more aligned to her height and reach.

Before the fight, Shevchenko had stated:

“But in this weight class, I feel like this is the weight class for me. Because at 135, I never lost one kilo, not one pound. My walk around weight is 135. For 125 I feel really great and very strong. My weight cut is going very well, I’m just a few pounds over, and everything is going to plan.”

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The fight turned out to be as one-sided as the odds had dictated, with Cachoeira on the receiving end of quite a pummeling. With a decisive takedown following several flush shots to the Brazilian’s chin, many were surprised that she lasted out the first round. However, in a similarly one-sided second round, Cachoeira went to the mat early before succumbing to a rear-naked choke with 40 seconds left on the clock.

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With such a beating taking place, many have come out in fury against the referee, Mario Yamasaki, feeling that he did not fulfil his duty of care to those in the Octagon. A powerless Dana White posting the following emotive piece on Instagram.

Priscilla Cachoeira, you showed so much heart and toughness in that fight. I’m honored to have you fight in the UFC. Unfortunately the ref is there to protect you and Mario DID NOT do that. This isn’t his first disgusting performance in the octagon. Another unfortunate thing is that i can’t do anything about I️t only the Brazilian commission can and i am hoping after this scary, incompetent showing he hopefully will never set foot in that Octagon again. Strikes landed was 230-3.

Perhaps White’s words will resonate with the Brazillian Commission and a review of the fight and its adjudication will take place. What do you think, was the ref in breach of his duty here?

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UFC executive David Shaw had this to say in the post-fight press conference