Meet Russian Convicted Human Trafficker And Neo-Nazi Set To Fight In M1 MMA Event

On May 22, MMA promotion M-1 will hold its latest event, M-1 Challenge 78 in Orenburg, Russia, and on that card, convicted human trafficker and known Neo-Nazi Frank Kortz is set to take on Nikolay Savilov in a heavyweight bout.

Kortz’s record as a professional mixed martial artist stands and two wins and one loss with all three of his fights finishing by way of knockout/TKO but that’s not what he is famous (or infamous) for…

Kortz has a rap sheet longer that Eminem’s: in the mid-2000s, he was jailed for a laundry list of crimes including assault, illegal weapons possession, and most shockingly, human trafficking.

According to German news website, Kortz’s jail time did nothing to rehabilitate the man and upon release, he quickly returned to criminal activities in the brothel business where he apparently works as a pimp. He has also been connected to the infamous Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang although he isn’t currently a member.

The highly controversial fighter is said to have ties to the Neo-Nazi movement, and given that fact that he has many white supremacist tattoos, he doesn’t seem to care who knows it.

CombatDocket said, “Kortz has a tattoo of a Swastika, one that reads ‘2YT4U’, which represents ‘too white for you’, and a relatively new tattoo of Thor’s hammer on his skull, which is a known insignia associated with neo-Naziism and right-wing extremism by the Federal Office of Constitution and Protection and police forces nationwide.”

Although many promotions choose to keep a distance from unsavoury individuals such as Kortz, others seem to have no qualms with signing them. After all, controversial figures sell tickets. I know I’ll be watching and hoping that Savilov gives Kortz the ass kicking he so clearly deserves!