Conor McGregor Spotted In Amsterdam Weed Cafe

Following a dream from the streets of Crumlin, Ireland, a twenty-nine-year-old mixed martial artist carved out a path to prosperity that saw him knocking out two world-class champions on his journey to becoming the UFC’s first dual weight champion, as well as two stunning fights with Nate Diaz before making his pro boxing debut fighting one of the greatest boxers of all time in Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Simply put, UFC lightweight king Conor McGregor has always been chasing highs.

Still obviously enjoying the cushy life after making millions upon millions of dollars for his fight against Mayweather, McGregor was sighted in the Netherlands. He currently awaits the news of whether he might be taking on Mayweather in a mixed martial arts bout, or whether he will return to the octagon to face either Khabib Nurmagomedov or interim titleholder Tony Ferguson.

Photo: Mirror

The Irish sports star was spotted by a fan in a cannabis cafe in Amsterdam, where he was seen gazing longingly at something just out of frame. The photo was uploaded to the “MMA Netherlands” Instagram account, showing McGregor being served by a worker at the store who has a big old box of buds in front of him. McGregor is known to love a good party, after all.

Cannabis is legal in Amsterdam, with coffee shops selling cannabis being one of Amsterdam’s biggest sources of tourism income.


While it’s more than a little hazy as to whether McGregor actually bought any of the cannabis, the look on his face seems to show a bit more than a passing interest in the products on offer.

“I serve thousands of people every day; tourists and locals. I have Israelis and Palestinians in here smoking together. Even people who don’t smoke come here to have their photo taken. It’s part of the history of Amsterdam,” shop owner Johnny Petram said in an interview with the Telegraph last year.

Do you think McGregor might have been blazing up while he was over in Amsterdam? Check out the shot of him in the shop below and let us know!

McGregor also took to Instagram yesterday looking a little “relaxed”.

Walt Disney bread.

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More Parmesan please.

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Gone are the days when the UFC and USADA cared a lot about UFC athletes utilising cannabis, with the UFC now allowing fighters to use cannabis much more than before. UFC fighters like Nate and Nick Diaz can now rest easy knowing they won’t get popped by USADA for indulging in the substance.

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“You are allowed to smoke weed, if you choose to. You are allowed to smoke weed outside of competition,” UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping said to MMAImports last year. “The way it works with USADA is you have in competition and out of competition. In competition, it’s twelve hours before the fight and 12 hours after, or until you have been seen by a doctor or have given a urine or blood sample.”