Conor McGregor Rips Classic One Liner To Judge While In Court

Ever the showman and not one to shy away from controversy, the latest debacle involving McGregor is another circus, and we’re loving the ride.

After being rumoured to be in hiding following an alleged physical altercation with a patron at a bar last week, McGregor appeared in Blanchardstown District Court in Dublin on unrelated speeding charges.

McGregor was fined £350 (just under $500) after failing to pay a speeding fine earlier this year. He had originally been charged £70 ($95) for breaking the 60mph speed limit in Dublin, however, he failed to make the payment.

When asked why he didn’t pay the fine, McGregor explained he tried once and then gave up.

“I got the fixed charge notice and attempted to pay it,” McGregor said. “It didn’t pay and that’s it.”

Credit: Mirror

But the judge wasn’t going to let him off that lightly, adding: “That’s not it.”

McGregor had already got off on the wrong foot with the judge, by appearing in court late, eventually being dragged into court when he was threatened with arrest, as reported by The Mirror.

After pleading guilty, Judge Miriam Walsh asked a question that only the “Double Champ” would not find offensive.

“I have to ask you the question – how much to you earn?” she asked. “It may sound stupid but I have to ask. Please don’t tell me you earn more than €110 million (£100m/$130m) in a day?”

“€140 million (£120m/$160m),” McGregor bragged, reports the Mirror.

She then went on to tell The Notorious to “take cognisance of other people using the road.”

He said: “I apologise and I’ll pay the fine.”

Credit: Mirror

Credit: Mirror

McGregor was given two months to make the payment, and was even told he could make installment payments… Meanwhile, he rolled out of court $270,000 BMW i8.