Chael Sonnen Claims He Has ‘Evidence To Support’ Theory That McGregor vs Mayweather 2 Is Coming

Chael Sonnen has made a startling claim with regards to Conor McGregor’s career as a professional fighter and alleges that he has evidence to support it.

The outspoken wrestler – who is currently a semi-finalist in the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix Tournament – stated that The Notorious will soon be stripped of his UFC lightweight belt so that he can have a boxing rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

A recent Mayweather MMA cage video sent the combat sports rumour mill into overdrive with some commentators suggesting that Floyd is planning to step into the Octagon for a superfight.

Sonnen doesn’t believe that to be the case, though, and suggested that a boxing rematch with McGregor is on the cards.

“We know he’s not doing MMA, there’s nothing about that, but why would he want to be keeping his name out there? And I know the answer, I just want to tell you guys – Floyd’s fighting again! He’s going to box, but make no mistake he’s fighting again.”

The American Gangster believes that McGregor will soon be stripped of his lightweight title and stated that he has evidence to back that theory up.

“I really think he’s fighting Conor, and that one, I’m kind of out on a limb on that one, but I have some evidence to support it.

“Conor wants to box Floyd again, largely a cash grab – fine! Floyd wants to box Conor again – largely a cash grab fine.”

Conor had his moments in the first fight…

…Although Floyd eventually beat the snot out of him

Sonnen went on to say that, in terms of revenue, a rematch usually does better than an original bout. He also stated that the first contest was ‘a hell of a fight’.

Chael’s predictions are notoriously hit-and-miss (check out compilations of him incorrectly picking the winner of upcoming MMA bouts for evidence) but if what he says proves to be correct, MMA fans are likely to sh*t their pants in anger.

After holding up the featherweight division by not defending his belt for a year, McGregor has now not defended his lightweight title since winning it in November 2016.

We may be looking at option two with regards to Tony Fergusons ‘defend or vacate’ ultimatum.

Out of interest, is anyone interested in seeing a Conor vs Floyd rematch? Personally, I couldn’t see the bout going any differently than it did the first time but I’d still tune in to see what went down.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments.

Any interest in these two running it back?