Bus Driver Traps Furious Biker Inside Double Decker Bus During Intense Road Rage Row

A road rage incident in London, England, escalated to insane levels after a bus driver trapped a motorcyclist inside his double-decker bus.

The enraged biker boarded the bus after claiming that the driver had gone through a ‘give way’ sign and almost hit him. In the clip, he can be heard screaming: “It’s raining! You have no right to pull out like that!”

After a brief exchange of words, the driver decides to escalate the sh*t out of the situation by closing the bus doors and trapping the biker inside.

“What are you doing? Why are you trying to entrap me?” the biker shouts over and over as the driver ignores him and begins to drive off.

The ultimate big brother manoeuvre

The already heated situation spirals out of control as the confused and fuming motorcyclist demands to be let off the bus and screams “Are you fu*king serious?! Are you serious?!”


The man continues to yell at the driver and punch his cubicle door, calling him a “fu*king tramp” in the process.

Eventually, a fellow passenger (no doubt just trying to get home after a hard days work) reasons with the driver and gets him to let the furious biker off the bus.

When the driver finally complies and opens the doors, the motorcyclist is still seeing the red mist so he runs behind the bus and opens the rear bonnet.

He even attempts to block the bus from driving off by placing a rubbish bin in its path.

We’ve all seen road rage videos where people completely lose their sh*t over (usually minor) traffic infringements and go berserk but this guy takes the biscuit.

I reckon the bus driver was just lucky that he had a cubicle to stow away in. Still, the whole thing would have blown over a lot quicker if he’d just let the dude off the bus rather than locking him in! What the hell was he thinking?!