Brett Johns Just Pulled The Rarest Submission In MMA History: The Calf Slicer

Brett Johns improving his record to 15-0, but incredibly, this wasn’t the most impressive thing about his latest win.

The 25-year-old Welshman kicked off the main card of The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale by tying up bantamweight veteran Joe Soto and scoring a 30-second calf slicer submission, just the second time that leg lock has successfully been pulled off inside the Octagon (Charles Oliveira won with a calf slicer against Eric Wisely back in January 2012).

It’s been a submission-filled night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Three preliminary card bouts ended in first-round armbars, and the opening bout of the main card saw a rare submission pulled off in remarkably quick time.

As you could have imagined, Johns wasted no time in tying up one of Soto’s legs and transitioning to the aforementioned calf slicer. “Pikey” clearly understood the position because once he put pressure on Soto’s leg the veteran was forced to tap as he screamed in pain.

“I do practice that move in the gym but I got lucky tonight,” Johns said after the win. “Joe is a very good grappler, and I told people coming in that just because I don’t do very many grappling combinations doesn’t mean that I’m not a good grappler. I knew Joe would look for the takedown early because I saw it from the way he was protecting his head and throwing the single leg and I’m very good at defending them. On a different night it probably wouldn’t have worked but I feel I got lucky.

“I’m looking for anyone in the top-15 and even top-10. I’m looking for anyone that will give me a good fight – not saying Joe wasn’t; Joe is a legend and it just happened to end early. I’m absolutely ecstatic over this win. I feel I deserve a top-10 opponent because this was the best win of my career by a long shot.”

Watch the rare submission being executed in the video below.

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