Anthony Joshua Delivers Yet Another Brutal Knock Out

At it’s heights, heavyweight boxing was the most exciting form of combat sports.

But after Mike Tyson’s dominance in the 90s, the heavyweight division has disappeared from relevance. Former champion Vladimir Klitschko dominated the heavyweight scene for 10 years, before eventually being defeated by English boxer Tyson Fury. Ask the average punter who Tyson Fury is, and they’ll probably look at you funny.

All of that is now starting to change, however.

Enter – Anthony Joshua.

AJ absolutely oozes class and boasts a rig like no other heavyweight.


The British superstar has an unbeaten record 17-0, with a 100% successful knock out rate, having knocked out every single opponent he’s faced.

But despite his dominance, the current IBF heavyweight champion hasn’t ever been challenged by a formidable opponent. That was all due to change, when it was announced that AJ would fight Vladimir Klitschko.

“The deal between the fighters is there.” said fight promoter Eddie Hearn. “The financial terms are agreed, there was a problem with US broadcasters but that has been sorted.

“It is now a case of getting the paperwork and the sanctioning in order. Hopefully, in a couple of days, we will have the official announcement.”

However that fight was unfortunately cancelled, after it was confirmed that Klitschko had sustained a calf injury.

“I was made aware that Wladimir picked up a minor injury late last week but regardless of that, with just over six weeks to go until December 10, it’s unrealistic to put together a fight of this magnitude and give it the full build up it deserves.” Hearn said.

“There will be an official announcement on Joshua v Klitschko coming very soon but for now we are seeking a new foe for December 10 and building a huge card for Manchester.”

That foe was Eric Molina.

From the opening bell, Molina looked a man just wanted to cash a fat cheque and get out.

At no point throughout the fight did he look at all capable of winning, or prepared to risk exposing himself.

In the third round Anthony Joshua knocked Molina down, and a few seconds later capitalised with a brutal knockout. See the KO here: