Anthony Joshua Breaks The Internet After Trolling Tyson Fury Online

IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has sent the internet into a tailspin after ripping into Tyson Fury on Twitter. Fury took to Twitter earlier in the week to troll Joshua, calling him “a poor man’s Frank Bruno”.

Joshua hadn’t been making many waves on social media of late, and given that he is set to face off with Wladimir Klitschko next weekend, we can see why. That all changed with his latest tweet at Fury which has been seen thousands upon thousands of favourites and retweets from fans who love to watch a good Twitter beef between athletes.

Joshua replied saying Fury was “always talking bullshit”, offering Fury two seats at ringside, but told him to make sure he “didn’t bring a plus one” as the second seat was for “his fat ass”.

Scrambling to save face, Fury attempted to respond:

He followed up with another hit out at Joshua, this time taking aim at Joshua’s championship record:

In any case, it looks like Joshua managed to get the final slap down on Fury, who admittedly has been the one holding up any kind of showdown between the two heavyweights.

Joshua is no stranger to Fury’s taunting. In April of 2016, Fury belittled Joshua and referred to him as nothing more than a “body builder”. In an interview with, Fury cut loose on Joshua, calling him “useless”.

“I just think Joshua is useless. He’s got no footwork, he can’t box and he’s got no jab so that means he’s useless. All he’s got is a big punch, which everyone who pumps iron for five years and is 6ft 6ins can punch like.

“Unless Martin walks straight into a load of shots, which I don’t see him doing, then I see Martin taking him out cold and it will be goodnight Vienna.”

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