WATCH: Truck Driver Responds To Phone Thief In The Best Possible Way

A truck driver from Foshan Town, China, has gone viral after a CCTV camera captured him in action against a cheeky phone thief.

The driver, known only as ‘Huo’, told a local news station that he was in his truck waiting to pick up a delivery when someone knocked on the driver-side door. He naturally assumed that the person was there to deliver the goods so he rang his boss to confirm but then the guy suddenly reached through the window and snatched his phone right out of his hand.


The truck’s camera captured the moment the thief struck and a street camera also showed him calmly walking away and hopping on his motorbike. But then the phone jacker made a big mistake; he pulled a U-turn and passed Huo’s truck on the other side of the street.

Sensing his opportunity for swift justice, Huo got down from his truck, crossed the road and jumped on the front of the moving bike, taking the rider down with an incredible acrobatic manoeuvre. He then appears to punch the thief before the stunned rider hands over the mobile phone.

People in China are hailing Huo as a Kung Fu master for three reasons; his quick thinking, his surprising athleticism, and also because the incident occurred in Foshan Town, Guangdong province; the famed birthplace of the legendary martial arts practitioner Wong Fei-hung.

Locals are also calling him “Bruce Lee reborn” (which is a bit of a stretch, to be fair), and they are joking that he used Wong’s signature Shadowless Kick move.

The Shadowless Kick is a fast, powerful move that Wong originally made popular and has become a favourite amongst Kung Fu movie fans.

Huo’s fearless and savage reaction may have also had something to do with the fact that he’d lost his phone the same way on three separate occasions in the two months leading up to the incident!


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