Conor McGregor’s Teammate KO’d With Crazy BARBARIAN THROW!

As far as UFC debuts go, this has to go down as one of the most memorable in recent history…

The Congolese-born Galore Bofando, who trains out of London, England, was at home, eating cheesecake when he got an unexpected, last minute call up to the biggest show in MMA.

“I was at home eating my big cheesecake, not thinking about training [when the UFC called],” Bofando told reporters after his debut. “I was missing training for a few weeks. My coaches said I need to get back in the gym because they were sending me a UFC contract…I definitely wasn’t expecting it.”

Bofando marked his long-awaited call up by scoring one of the most bizarre and memorable knockouts in recent memory, putting away Ireland scrapper Charlie Ward at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow, Scotland.

After being beating in a striking contest in the first two minutes of the first round, Ward looked to clinch Bofando against the cage but was thrown to the ground with power by Bofando.

Crazy and amazing…

Ward landed hard on the side of his head and was immediately knocked out. Bofando followed him to the ground and landed a couple of hammerfists before the referee called much-needed stop to the fight.

In his post-fight interview, Bofando said that he “didn’t expect for that much power to come out” when he threw Ward to the ground.

The exciting striker had spent his career competing in UCMMA in England and hadn’t competed since February 2015 before his UFC opportunity finally came along.

Good things come to those who wait…

Bofando said that he wasn’t happy competing at a lower level and genuinely believed that his fighting days were over.

“When I was giving up on my training, I kept having this voice in my head that would say, ‘Look, we might as well just remove your arms and your legs and give it to somebody else because you’ve got talent – why are you wasting it?’” Bofando said. “I said to the universe, ‘You’ve got to give me a reason to train.’ That happened. So the universe did its part of the deal, now I’ve got to do my part of the deal.”

Ward’s pro record now stands at 3-3 with all three losses coming by KO

Bofando’s professional record now stands at 5-2 with both of his losses coming by way of disqualification due to illegal knees. He’s now made one hell of an impression in his UFC debut and we can’t wait to see what the hell he follows it up with!