Conor McGregor’s ICE COLD Response to Floyd’s Irish Flag Taunt

Say what you will about the matchup itself but by the time August 26 rolls around, Mayweather vs McGregor will be the biggest sporting event on the goddamn planet. You only need to catch the highlights from their pre-fight pressers to understand that…

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are, not only two of the biggest personalities in their chosen sports but two of the biggest personalities in sports, period. On top of that, both know how to play to a crowd and sell pay per views like no one else.

And although you, personally, might not be willing to hand over $99.95 USD of your hard earned cash in order to watch the pair go at it, I bet if your mate is having a fight night, you’ll pop over just to see what the fu*k goes down inside the squared circle.

Photo: UXIMG

During the first press conference for their MayMac tour on Tuesday, McGregor managed to get a hold of a microphone and respond to Mayweather while he was speaking but quickly, the mic was mysteriously cut off.

‘You sneaky bast*rds’

McGregor later said that he thought it had been intentionally cut because the producers didn’t want him butting in when Mayweather was speaking.

Even his suit was throwing out insults

“Yeah, they took the mic off,” McGregor told reporters. “Look, fu*k them. Fu*k Showtime. Fu*k them all. They can do nothing after August 26. They can try and do all these tricks all they want. August 26, this man will be unconscious. He’s too small, he’s too frail. That’s it. What more can I say?”

While The Notorious was caught a bit off guard at having to give a speech for the first boxing-style presser, he did still manage to produce some good one-liners that get the crowd into it.

The dude loves a Jesus pose…

But it was on the second day of their tour that the Irish showman really came into his own. First, he went off at a Showtime boss about the microphone incident and then he did this when Mayweather took an Irish flag from the crowd. This guy is unbelievable off-the-cuff!


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