WATCH: Incredible No-Touch Knockout In Professional MMA Fight

We’ve all seen the story of the Kiai Master that gets his ass handed to him by an actual fighter who actually makes contact with his opponents but this genuine video of a no-touch knockout will blow you away!

The insane incident took place at a recent XFC event in Australia and is thought to be the first of its kind in a professional MMA fight.

Middleweight fighters James Vake and Michael “God’s Warrior” McDaniel threw down at the year end event. In a hectic start, McDaniel (in the black shorts) wins the initial stand-up contest before Vake (in the red shorts) secures an excellent body-lock takedown 45 seconds into the fight.

Straight away, he takes McDaniel’s back and gets him in an anaconda-like body triangle. Vake goes for the rear-naked-choke but McDaniel somehow escapes it and spins around into Vake’s closed guard.

Vake goes for the armbar but McDaniel manages to fight his way out of it by picking his opponent up and slamming him into the canvas. McDaniel realises that his best chances of winning this are when the pair are standing so he moves away and lets Vake get back to his feet.

It’s at this moment that one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen inside the cage occurs; McDaniel gets knocked out with a damn finger being laid on him! It’s actually kind of scary, the way he falls backwards like he’s just taken a haymaker to the face from the Ghost of Kimbo Slice (RIP) but the XFC has assured us that McDaniel is doing fine.

Here is an official statement by XFC: “He is ok guys. Possibly a response to the deep choke he was in. A big burst of energy after to escape the arm bar as well, and getting up to quick caused Mike to pass out. All fit and healthy now.”

After this loss, McDaniels record inside the cage stands at 0-5. The guy should probably retire, especially if he’s getting knocked out by nothing more than the air itself!