Professional Boxer Mikey Garcia Agrees To Spar Much Larger Online Troll

When talking about professional fighters, either in MMA or boxing, size makes all the difference; it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to jump more than two weight classes and beat a similarly skilled opponent.

But if it’s an amateur and a professional going up against each other, the adage doesn’t really apply; a person who has trained to fight for most of their adult life is always going to have an edge over some guy who’s bigger and thinks he’s harder.

After being relentlessly trolled by a dude online, professional boxer Mikey Garcia agreed to a sparring match with his much larger tormentor, despite the fact that they guy is 6ft2 and 220lbs in comparison to Garcia who is only 145lbs.

They agree to meet up at Garcia’s gym and after a brief rundown of the rules, it’s on. Garcia gets to work straight away, gauging distance before sticking his opponent with a few solid jabs.

After playing around with the dude for a while, the American pro decides to show him that little guys can hit, too. He delivers a crisp left hook to the body and although Garcia pulled the punch to some extent, you can tell from his wince that big man felt that shot.

From that point on, Garcia is able to land shots at will. He peppers the bigger man with jabs and hooks and eventually floors him with a solid right hook to the temple.

Afterward, Big Man claims that he only stopped because he was “Just tired”, but anyone watching this clip can see that he wants no part of what Garcia is dishing out.

Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez is a two-weight former world champion, having held the WBO and Ring magazine featherweight titles in 2013, and the WBO junior lightweight title from 2013 to 2014. He currently has a professional record of 35-0, with 29 of those wins coming by way of knockout. This fight was clearly only ever going to go one way…