Dana White Casually Drops 69K On Tv Show “Pawn Stars”

UFC president Dana White has once again shown just how much money he has at his disposal when he walked onto the set of The History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” show.

Some people like to show their social status by springing for a nice car, some fine tailored suits or a nice and flash Rolex timepiece, but this guy took it a step further and took home some insane pieces of Japanese antiquity like a bloody baller.

The reality show takes place in the “Gold and Silver Pawn Shop” in Las Vegas, Nevada, where White lives, and this particular episode sees the UFC boss go all in on some new additions to the arsenal in his “weapons room”

Photo: HistoryChannel

Sauntering up to the counter, White declared that he needed to stock his weapons room, and that he’d definitely be needing a sword.

“I’m building this weapons room in my house and what I’m really looking for today is a sword,” White said. “I have some swords, but no real ones.”

Photo: HistoryChannel

One of the katanas was from the 1600’s and ended up costing White $30,000. Shop owner and “Pawn Stars” host Rick Harrison hadn’t initially wanted to part ways with the sword, having even sent it to be restored in Japan, but this only served to make White even more infatuated with the weapon.

“The fact that you didn’t want to sell it made me want it more,” White said.

White then sold another well-worn katana for the sum of $9000.

“I love the whole Japanese samurai tradition and the story and it’s a beautiful sword,” White said. “And I couldn’t refuse, so I took that one, too.”

Photo: HistoryChannel

White is rumoured to earn eight figures every year as the UFC’s president and took home around $360 million from the UFC’s $4 billion sale to media conglomerate WME-IMG back in 2016, so this wasn’t too big of a splurge for him. That said, they’re pretty amazing looking, and who wouldn’t buy samurai swords if they were a multi-millionaire?

Check out the footage of Dana White on “Pawn Stars” below and let us know what you think! Would you buy $69k worth of samurai swords?