Post Fight Pictures Have Emerged Of Jose Aldo’s Face After UFC218

To say UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway put on a stellar performance against former featherweight champion Jose Aldo would be an understatement. UFC president Dana White went so far as to call the performance “badass”, praising the Hawaiian champion for the skill he had displayed in the octagon.

It truly was, with Holloway putting a beating on Aldo that had only seen once before when the two matched up five months ago at UFC 212.

Photo: MMAFighting

“Incredible,” White said. “The way he fought tonight, the way he walked him down, tried to break him mentally and physically was incredible. He looked like a stud tonight and was willing to put himself in harm’s way. He got hit with some big shots he didn’t need to get hit with either, just to prove that he could walk through him. It was badass.”

Holloway defeated Aldo by third-round TKO after largely outstriking the Brazilian on the feet. He now ranks as the top UFC featherweight for total fight time, strikes landed per minute and significant strikes landed, as well as being second in knockdowns landed and total strikes landed.

Photo: MMAFighting

“This is huge,” Holloway said during the UFC 218 post-fight press conference. “People ask what this makes me. It makes me a guy with two wins over Aldo and I got a bunch more to catch up to him. He’s the greatest of all time. He got seven, eight title defences. I’ve got to catch up. Numbers don’t lie. Women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t lie. I’ve only got one defence. I’ve got a bunch of catching up to do. He’s still the GOAT, I still respect him and I’m coming for that record, though.”

Aldo’s face post-fight has been the subject of much interest in the mixed martial arts world after he began to bleed profusely midway through the bout. Holloway had managed to get the better of the later exchanges, consistently pressuring the former champion and making him work hard to survive.

Photo: MMAFighting

Soon Aldo would be trying to bob and weave his way out of danger along the fence, but it was no use. Shots landed, wobbling the Brazilian, who then shot a takedown that saw Holloway sprawl perfectly, following up with devastating strikes on the ground to force referee Herb Dean to call a stop to the contest just nine seconds before the end of the third round.

Check out the brutal results of Max Holloway’s bout with Jose Aldo below and let us know what you think!