Dereck Chisora Actually Humped Dillian Whyte’s Head In The Middle Of Battle

Before his fight with Dereck Chisora, Dillian Whyte was warned that the native Zimbabwean would attempt to ‘mindfu*k’ him but I bet he didn’t think people meant it literally.

Although Anthony Joshua vs Éric Molina was the main event of the evening at Manchester Arena yesterday, the fight that most fans were talking about was Whyte vs Chisora, thanks in part to the constant stream of pre-fight trash talk and Chisora throwing a goddamn table at his opponent during a press conference.

The fight itself more than lived up to the hype with many commentators calling it the best heavyweight clash in years. Both fighters had chances to win it, both were on the cusp of being knocked out, and after the final bell sounded, not even the judges could agree who had won.

One judge gave it to Chisora by 115-114, but the other two scored it 115-113 and 115-114 in Whyte’s favour so he walked away with the split decision victory and with it, retained his WBC International Heavyweight title.

But it was a tiny incident that occurred in the heat of battle that had everyone talking afterwards…

In this six-second clip, Chisora appears to hump Whyte’s head while he is bent over. Whyte, understandably, looks none too pleased with his opponent’s antics and responds with a quick dick-punch but it’s clear that Chisora scored a mental blow, there.

Despite that, he couldn’t quite do enough to get the victory (although many fans disagree with the judge’s decision). It’s unclear at this stage if the pair will square off again in a rematch but one thing’s for sure; if they do the entire world of boxing will sit up and take notice.

Chisora clearly learnt his mindful*k technique from P Diddy’s character in Get Him to the Greek, we just hope Whyte doesn’t have a dirty mind…