Gabi Garcia Destroys Destanie Yarbrough In First Round

Back in September 2016, Gabi Garcia continued her perfect start to her professional MMA career with a first-round stoppage over footballer-turned-fighter, Destanie Yarbrough.

The 6ft2 giant made her pro debut on new year’s eve, 2015, and has now notched up four wins, all in the first round. Garcia is a ten-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion and showcased her vast talents in a very one-sided matchup.

Using her considerable reach advantage, the Brazilian kept Yarbrough at bay with stiff jabs before landing some heavier shots.

Frustrated and looking a little desperate, the American shot for a takedown. It was reversed on her and from that point on, Yarbrough was in big trouble.

Gabi Garcia featured on The Ultimate Fighter.

Garcia got into full mount and finished her hapless opponent off with a perfectly executed americana after just two minutes and 42 seconds of action.

The Brazilian looked like an absolute beast against her heavier but shorter opponent and one suspects that the main problem she is going to have as a professional mixed martial artist is finding women who are actually willing to fight her.

The UFC currently only has strawweight (115lbs) and bantamweight (135lbs) divisions so there’s obviously nowhere for the 200lb Garcia to compete but if talent like hers keep cropping up, we may see new divisions emerging in the near future.

In the meantime, budding Japanese fighting promotion Rizin Fighting Federation will be happy to host her fights, safe in the knowledge that viewers around the world will tune in to see Garcia in action.

As for Yarbrough, the ex-running back who used to compete in the Women’s Football Alliance is going to need to train specifically against taller opponents and work out how to get on the inside of them, where she will be able to do damage.

Her ground game also needs a lot of work, as was made painfully clear in this fight, but there’s one thing that’s for sure, Yarbrough can scrap. Check out her MMA debut for evidence of that.