Bouncer Punches Woman In The Face And Is Being Defended For It

Another crazy incidence of bouncer violence has been captured on video, but the footage might not be as clear cut as it looks.

The video surfaced earlier this month showing an argument between a bouncer and a woman on Mathew Street in Liverpool. The woman is shown lunging toward the bouncer.

She isn’t able to connect on the punch she throws toward the bouncer, who manages to avoid the punches with a well timed and agile duck. He quickly throws a right hook back at the woman, hammering home a strong strike that snaps her head back leaves her reeling. Obviously rocked from the hit, the woman staggers back before her legs start to wobble and tremble beneath her.

The woman is seen just a few seconds later arguing with the bouncer once more, this time with another woman alongside her.

The video went viral when it first popped up online, being seen thousands upon thousands of times since it originally appeared on Twitter on the account of a user named Kirsty.

Someone who claimed to feature in the video has come forward in the aftermath:

The video has obviously divided some of its audience, with many people defending the actions of the bouncer, and others lambasting him for his response to being assaulted by the woman.

“She literally swung for him. Act like a man, get hit like a man,” said one user.

“He was in the right?” wrote another. “She wanted to try and attack him and he landed a naughty right, good on him.”

An ex-bouncer chimed in saying that the incident was “f*cking disgusting,” and that “it’s just shocking.”

A spokesman for Merseyside Police has come forward with the following message:

“At about 6.50pm, a report was received that a woman had been assaulted by a man close to Hardy’s Bar on Mathew Street… Inquiries into the matter are ongoing.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the situation: