Street Thugs Attempt To Rob The Wrong Pensioner

The footage you’re about to see was caught on CCTV outside of a shop in Spain, and if you’re into seeing people get their comeuppance, this video is pure Justice Porn. Seeing people do terrible things and then getting completely caught out is like drinking a fine wine. It just gets better and better as you go.

Two idiotic street thugs who look pretty blitzed tried to rob an older pensioner as he walked along carrying his shopping. The two thugs confronted the old man, who stood with his arms crossed, looking rather unthreatening but while actually mentally dusting off his old boxing skills.


As the larger of the thugs leans over the man, he leaned back and then threw a wicked right hand that landed square on the jaw of the would-be thief, who ended up stumbling back a few feet, probably in complete shock that someone had hit him for the first time in his miserable life.

The other thug advanced on the old man after seeing his mate get clocked, and straight away ate a hard left hook that sent him clattering to the pavement. The original thug walked back up on the man, throwing a huge overhand right that was slower than a snail on valium. The old man dodged the shot with ease, nailing the thug with another punch.

This time it sent him flying flat onto the pavement, completely knocked out cold but with his hand still clutched firmly around the old man’s shopping.

One of the thugs started pathetically trying to stand up, while the old man stood over him, likely telling him what a sorry sack of filth he is for trying to rob a pensioner on his way home at night.

Check out this absolute pearler of a video below of the ex boxer pensioner giving a couple of thugs a run for their money and let us know what you think!