RUTHLESS Snoop Dogg Mocks The Sh*t Out Of Daniel Cormier for Crying After Jones Fight

Daniel Cormier had a hell of a bad weekend when he lost to Jon “Bones” Jones at UFC 214 at the end of July. The former light heavyweight champion had shown up to prove he was the man who could definitively defeat his arch rival Jones inside the octagon, and he put on a hell of a performance. The two have shared a beef that is rarely seen in combat sports, one of pure, unadulterated animosity.

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The two have had a storied rivalry ever since the lead up to their first bout at UFC 182. Cormier and Jones had famously brawled in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel prior to the bout, and a hot mic controversy also leaked wherein Jones had called Cormier a “pussy” just moments after appearing to be a clean cut character in the interview he had just finished. All of this animosity fuelled a fire between the two men, to the point where they could barely stand to be in the same room as each other.

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Both men tried to take control of the fight at UFC 214 early, but it was the pressure and tenacity of Cormier that surprised many. After the fight, Jones paid homage to Cormier’s abilities as an athlete, and as a person, but it seems some fans including Snoop Dogg aren’t so quick to forget the beef between the two athletes.

Much smaller than his opponent, Cormier did not stop coming forward and pressing the pace in the bout, despite the threat of some serious counter-strikes and having to take a few licks along the way to close the distance. He battled to enter the clinch and did some decent damage when he made it that far, but all the effort in the world could not stop the freight train that was Jon Jones on that night. With a thunderous head kick and a flurry of punches, he had regained the title of UFC light heavyweight champion once more.

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Snoop Dogg, a huge fan of Jones, had an interview with TMZ alongside former UFC bantamweight star Urijah Faber and congratulated the champion for being able to get his belt back after his recent suspension for the use of performance enhancing drugs. Snoop then took a moment to take a shot at Cormier for “crying like a bitch,” and for hitting a man while he was down, before saying he’d love to see Jones face off with WWE star Brock Lesnar in the future.

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Ironically, you could say Snoop hit a man while he was down in that interview, right?

Check out the footage from the interview below and let us know what you think!