Shop Owner Travels 530 Miles To Punch Woman Who Gave Him a Bad Review

An enraged shop owner has travelled over 500 miles to dole out abuse on a woman who’d left a bad review on his webshop.

The woman, Xiao Li, had ordered some clothes on the internet marketplace known as Taobao. She complained when her items were four days later than expected, and the webshop owner’s response to the complaint eventually landed Li in the hospital!

Photo: AsiaWire

The shop owner, apparently known only as “Zhang”, threatened to murder Li after his rating was lowered by her negative review. Caught by a security camera, the footage shows Li hanging out at a delivery spot for clothes she’d ordered in Zhengzhou, in the province of Henan.

The security camera caught Zhang appearing in front of Li and repeatedly punching and kicking her, hitting her so many times that eventually she falls to the ground as he runs away.

Li was apparently taken to the hospital where she was given treatment for a concussion, as well as multiple cuts and bruises. While she recovered in the hospital, Li received a message from Zhang that said he had made the long distance journey from Suzhou in order to “teach her a lesson.”

Photo: AsiaWire

Zhang also told Li that he could come after her again, and while the Chinese police have not commented on the attack, they have confirmed that it is being investigated.

How bloody crazy do you have to be to go after someone in real life because they left you one negative review online? Maybe instead of travelling 500 miles to beat them up, you could spend that time working out why your business sucks. Crazy, right?

Photo: AsiaWire

This is not the first time someone has been attacked over bad online reviews. A woman’s husband was nearly murdered by a gang in Changsha after his wife left a negative review of a restaurant online profile. The restaurant owner later told police he’d been worried about the reputation of his restaurant.

A delivery man beat a woman to a pulp just a month later in Hainan after he became concerned the woman would give him a bad review online when he was unable to deliver her food to her in a timely fashion.

Check out the full video of Zhang attacking Xiao Li over a negative online review below and let us know what you think!

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