Ronda Rousey Breaks Sh*t-Talker’s Ribs

She might be a “girl”, but Ronda is tougher than half the men in the UFC. Talking sh*t to a professional MMA fighter, in general, is a bad idea, but when this guy decided to tell Ronda Rousey that she couldn’t compete with a man, he paid the ultimate price.

He goads Rousey into action by telling her “As a beginner who’s never competed in judo and has a white belt on, I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think you have as much strength and can compete with a man…”

Rousey laughs and tells him “You know how to push my buttons, that was exactly how to get me to throw you!”

The former bantamweight champ then proceeds to perform an O Goshi judo throw on the reporter. He goes down like a sack of sh*t and is clearly in pain from the throw. He cries out “Ohhhh fu*k! I felt my ribs crush! I landed on my balls and my ribs!”

Rousey is laughing until he tells her “I felt my ribs break I think,” which causes the Californian native to stop and ask “Are you serious?” When he confirms “I think so,” she sounds genuinely distraught. She wanted to teach the guy a lesson, not break his bones!

Admittedly Rousey does begin to laugh again when he explains “I definitely felt my balls smash into the cup and something smash my ribs.” To her credit, though, that is pretty goddamn funny…

The 28-year-old former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion is due to fight for the belt that she lost to Holly Holm when she takes on Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in Paradise, Nevada on December 30.

She’ll be hoping to dish out a few more O Goshi throws on the Brazilian but something tells me the new champ won’t be taking her as lightly as this reporter did.