Mayweather’s uncle choked out by 135-pound female MMA fighter

It’s no secret that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor would like to fight his latest rival, Floyd “Money” Mayweather in the UFC’s hallowed Octagon.

The two men met in one of the most anticipated boxing matches of all time in late August of last year, earning millions upon millions of dollars for each athlete in the process.

Photo: VOX

Mayweather said prior to the boxing super fight with McGregor that he would happily rematch McGregor in the UFC at a later date, though many fans and pundits took this to be little more than pre-fight posturing from the legendary boxer.

Images of Mayweather stepping inside a cage at the gym have circulated widely, leading many to believe that he could actually have been serious about the challenge.

As the whirlwind of rumours surrounding “Money” making a mixed martial arts debut continues to pick up, a new clip has surfaced showing Mayweather’s uncle, Jeff Mayweather, being choked out by a triangle from Invicta bantamweight star Raquel Pa’aluhi.

Photo: TMZ

Jeff Mayweather went on the record earlier this week to say that he still thinks his nephew could have a future in the UFC, going so far as to say he might even fight ex-WWE wrestler Phil Brooks, popularly known as CM Punk, in his octagon debut.

“I don’t know who (CM Punk) is, but we might actually whoop his ass first,” Jeff said on the Mayweather Boxing Channel.

“It’s the same thing that went through Conor’s mind. It’s money, it was an event, basically, this would be the same thing but in reverse. If it’s about money then it’s worth the risk, it doesn’t harm Floyd’s legacy. It’s different sports, it didn’t hamper Conor’s legacy (coming to boxing).”

“He’s not a boxer so nobody expected him to win. Even my ass, first of all, Floyd carried him. Conor was going to get knocked out, and what happened? He got knocked out. The reality is this, Floyd’s sport is different.”

Photo: VOX

“The punches in MMA are completely different, Conor has a massive advantage over Floyd, but Floyd has a chance. He is way faster and way more elusive than Conor, and he punches harder than Conor.”

“The same way he whooped his ass in boxing he can whoop him in MMA. It’s a dance, it ain’t about running, that’s boxing. MMA fighters do it too. McGregor can’t do that as well as him, and as long as he does that Floyd has a chance of winning.”

If Floyd Mayweather’s submission game is anything like his uncle’s we could very well see McGregor submitting the world-renowned pugilist from his back. Check out the full video of Jeff Mayweather and Raquel Pa’aluhi below and let us know what you think!

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