WATCH: Marc Diakiese Sends Teemu Packalen To The Shadow Realm With KO of The Year Candidate

Marc Diakiese has put on an absolutely stunning display of striking against Teemu Packalen at UFC Fight Night London over the weekend. Just eight seconds into the fight, the red-mohawked Diakiese whipped a stinging switching kick at Packalen, laughing and grinning as he ran Packalen along the octagon fence.

A huge spinning back kick to the gut sent Packalen crashing back against the cage, and Diakiese followed up with a switch kick as the two met and tangled up in the center of the octagon. The crowd roared in anticipation of a quick finish, and they were not to be denied.

The former BAMMA Lightweight champion then threw a short oblique kick at Packalen as he attempted to close the distance, moving off the cage as Packalen attempted to pressure him. Clearly, kicking was the name of the game, and Packalen was getting played. Desperately trying to get a hold of Diakiese, Packalen swung a wild overhand right before attempting a feinting left hook.

As Packalen faints, Diakiese loads up a huge right hand that flies over the top of Packalen’s hands, hitting him square in the jaw. Packalen falls to the ground like a toy that has just had his batteries removed, landing stiff as a board on the canvas as the referee dives on him to save him from further punishment at the hands of Diakiese.

Marc Diakiese walked away with a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus, having dispatched Teemu Packalen in just 30 seconds in his third UFC fight.

Diakiese now holds a solid record of 12-0 in the UFC, and will hopefully face a fighter in the lightweight’s top 20 in his next bout.

Check out the absolutely brutal knockout of Teemu Packalen at the hands of Marc Diakiese as he wins big in front of a screaming crowd in London!