WATCH: Gary Russell Jr Lands 9 Punches in 2 seconds!

Fast hands make fast fights. WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell should know, having won 13 of his 28 fights by KO or TKO before the halfway mark of each of his bouts. The American boxer was voted prospect of the year back in 2011 by the likes of ESPN, Sports Illustrated and The Ring magazine after scoring notable victories over Mauricio Pastrana, Antonio Meza and Heriberto Ruiz by stoppage.

His unanimous decision victory over Eric Estrada back in 2011 remains a highlight performance of Russell’s career. Winning an extremely one-sided decision, the American champion had many chances to show off his wicked ringcraft, stinging power and extremely fast hands.

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting young boxers of his generation, the 28-year-old is revered for his hand speed, which he put on show against Estrada. A powerful southpaw, Russell managed to uncork nine punches in just over two seconds, leaving the crowd watching ringside screaming for more and Estrada off in la-la land.

Landing stinging lefts and rights, Russell kept Estrada in place as he pummelled him with shots, rocking him at the end as he opened up Estrada’s guard and landed a crisp straight left to his jaw.

Unfortunately for fans, Russell’s last bout was in April of 2016 against Patrick Hyland and was only his second trip back to the ring since he fought Christopher Martin Pena in December of 2014. Such a level of inactivity from a young athlete with the rare talent of Gary Russell is a major cause for concern among hardcore fans as boxing’s popularity continues to wane in the face of new combat sports avenues such as mixed martial arts.

Check out Gary Russell’s brutal nine punch combination against Eric Estrada. Then watch it again. And again. And again. Seriously, it will only take ten seconds of your life to watch it five times, so get watching!