WATCH: Scary Moment As Curtis Stevens Punched Out Of The Ring And Stretchered From Arena

David Lemieux has continued to show why he is a force to be reckoned with in boxing’s middleweight division with a stunning knockout in the third round against Curtis Stevens. The former IBF champion finished Stevens with an absolutely superb punch in the third round, setting him up to get back on the road for a shot at the world title.

Both athletes came out swinging hard and both worked early to establish dominance with their jabs, throwing strong punches for the entire course of the three rounds. Lemieux managed to rock Stevens in the final minute of the first round but was countered several times as he attempted to capitalize before rocking Stevens once more before the closing bell.

Lemieux walked out head high in the second, beginning to dominate Stevens with his jab once more. Stevens managed to strike back with some powerful strikes of his own, particularly working the body of Lemieux in the final minute of the round. Lemieux had begun to slow down, and Stevens seemed to sense that he should wait for an opening to land some heavy leather, but it was not meant to be.

The former middleweight champion came out aggressively once again in the third round as Stevens surged forward, landing some huge strikes in the process. Lemieux then managed to land a gigantic left hook that left Stevens lying flat on the floor, knocked out cold. The referee called the fight immediately.

After lying on the mat motionless for several minutes, Stevens was stretchered from the ring and taken to a nearby hospital. His family, including his mother, watched the entire scene unfold.

Lemieux, a former IBF middleweight champion, know has the spark to fire his way to another short at the title after improving his record to 37-3 with 33 KOs.

The Canadian’s hit was promoted by several boxing commentators as a contender for best knockout of the year.

“I told you what I was going to do tonight and I did it,” said Lemieux. “I hope he’s healthy. (The hook was) checkmate, it’s a perfect connection. It’s what we practiced and what we’ve been looking to do.”

Check out the fight highlights below!