Conan O’Brien Compiles A Montage Of Dana White’s Best Weigh In Scuffles

If you’ve ever taken the time to tune in for the UFC’s ceremonial weigh-ins, you’ll have definitely seen some chaos. Athletes turning up in masks, with presents as tokens of respect or hostility for each other, pushing and shoving as well as the occasional punch being thrown are all par for the course. Fighters turn up to the scale hungry, cold, dehydrated and have to stand and flex in front of a crowd of people, all while wearing some board shorts or their underpants. God help you if you have to weigh in behind a towel!


UFC president Dana White appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show ahead of UFC 210 and reviewed some of his favorite scuffles over the last few years. Unfortunately, footage of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ brawl with current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was omitted from the highlight reel, though you probably can’t blame White for not wanting that to be shown on TV ahead of Cormier’s next pay-per-view event.

Instead, a few images of a staredown between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and featherweight champion Jose Aldo were shown. McGregor famously taunted the Brazillian champion for months, before knocking him out in 13 seconds at UFC 194.

“That was a rough tour, we actually went on a world tour and every day we had to do that. We squared them off every day in a different city. Yeah, I’m getting old now man, I can’t do it [the way I used to]”.

Some famous clips show White separating fighters when they have the pre-fight staredown. Some notable examples include Ronda Rousey’s hot headed display of contempt against Holly Holm at the UFC 193 weigh-ins, Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt’s attempt to brawl in front of the weigh-in crowd and Conor McGregor punching Nate Diaz’ hand prior to UFC 196.

Check out Dana White’s interview with Conan O’Brien and see some of the best weigh in scuffles in the UFC so far: