The Moment Father Chokes 14-Year-Old Bully Who “Tormented His Child”

How far off the deep end would you go if you found out someone was bullying your child? One father has crossed every boundary in the book when he walked up to his child’s bully and made it physical.

A Brisbane father has been charged by Queensland police after he confronted the alleged bully of his teenage daughter over the March 4th weekend. The irate father tracked his daughter’s alleged tormentor down to a skatepark in the Gap, where things took a pretty brutal turn.

Photo: Channel 7

Video of the argument was obtained by the media, showing the father pointing and yelling at the boy as he sits on a ledge. The teenager eventually is pushed off the ledge by the man by the throat, who continues yelling as the teenager lies on his back.

His hands wrap around the teenager’s neck and start to squeeze as the teenager begins to struggle against the man, landing strikes to his chest and kicking out violently.

Luckily for the alleged bully, his friends were there to pull the enraged father away from the scene.

Photo: Channel 7

“Get the f*ck off him, get off him!” screamed the boy’s friends.

The man would continue to drag the teenager across the concrete as a group of teens tried to stop him, eventually throwing a looping right-hand punch at the teenager, which looks to have missed. The struggle ended when the teenager’s friends were able to get in between the two.

Photo: Channel 7

The 53-year-old man later told Queensland police that the teenager had been bullying his step-daughter at school, which funnily enough wasn’t a good enough reason for him to avoid being charged with assault occasioning bodily harm. The man is set to appear in court in two weeks.

Photo: Channel 7

Whatever your opinion is on this particular case, it’s pretty clear that the answer isn’t to march down to your local skatepark and start assaulting people who aren’t even grown adults yet, because you’ll probably end up in court for it and looking like a right d*ckhead.

Check out the full footage of the 53-year-old man taking on a 14-year-old boy down at the local skatepark on the video player below and let us know what you think!