71-0 Bare Knuckle Monster Bobby Gunn Fights Jay-Z’s Former Bodyguard

Bobby Gunn, 42, is a 7-time cruiserweight champion with a boxing record of 21-6-1 (1 NC).

In 2006, Gunn fought in one of the most notorious pro boxing matches in recent memory. Taking on Shelby Gross, the Canadian looked to be cruising to a first-round KO victory after knocking him down twice but a slow count by the ref enabled Gross to survive until the end of the round.

Gross knocked down Gunn in the second round and threw a spate of illegal punches when he hit the canvas, breaking his eardrum in the process. Gross then knocked a disoriented Gunn down twice more and was awarded a controversial TKO victory.

Following the fight, Gross failed a drug test and the result was changed to a no contest. Video of the Gunn-Gross bout is now used at boxing conventions as a perfect example of how not to referee a fight. Gunn easily overcame Gross in their rematch, knocking him out in the third round.

More impressive that his professional boxing career, though, is his bare knuckle record which stands at an incredible 71-0.

On Friday, August 5, 2011, Gunn fought Richard Stewart in the first sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing match since 1889. Gunn defeated him with a KO in round 3, winning the vacant heavyweight bare-knuckle boxing title.

This video is from four months after that fight when he took on he took on Ernest Jackson, who was allegedly a bodyguard for Jay-Z.

When the World Heavyweight Bare-Knuckle Boxing Championship bout takes place, it does so without any of the fanfare that comes with of regular boxing matches.

The event is invitation only, and the final location is disclosed just hours before the fight takes place.

After his fight with Jackson, Gunn made one more return to his career as a professional boxer. He lost his first bout to James Toney in 2012, his second to Glen Johnson in 2013 and hasn’t fought since.

It was an underwhelming end to an incredible career but the discipline that Gunn will be best remembered for is bare-knuckle boxing, where he truly had no peers.