50 Cent shows off his boxing skills, claims he can beat Conor McGregor

Rapper 50 Cent seems to have it in his head that he could defeat world famous mixed martial artist Conor McGregor in a boxing match if he just had the chance.

50 Cent is well known for being close friends with Floyd “Money” Mayweather, a man who many boxing fans and pundits have lauded as being one of the greatest boxers to ever grace the ring.

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50 Cent and McGregor had the spotlight cast on them in September of 2017 when the acclaimed rapper asserted that he could easily defeat the UFC lightweight champion in a street fight.

While being interviewed on the “Watch What Happens Live” show, the rapper said he could definitely beat McGregor in the street.

“In the street? YEAH! C’mon, he weighs 150 pounds, man!” he exclaimed.

McGregor and 50 Cent had been going back on Twitter and Instagram after McGregor mentioned the rapper during a world tour to promote McGregor’s boxing super fight with Mayweather.

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“What’s up New York City?” McGregor had asked as he was stood shirtless, draped in a white mink coast. “50 Cent’s a b*tch. You and 50 are two fake money b*tches. He’s bankrupt, and you’re about to be!”

It’s no secret that the rapper has had a few run-ins with the US government regarding his debts and numerous claims of bankruptcy, but regardless, 50 Cent shot back just a few hours later reminding the Irish mixed martial artist that he was fighting Mayweather, and to focus on the fight in front of him.

👀what the fuck wrong wit this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool. LOL

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50 Cent would later post a series of jabs at McGregor on Instagram following his TKO loss to the boxing phenom in the eleventh round of their super fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. McGregor had started off the bout looking sharp but began to fade in the later rounds before eventually being finished along the ropes.

The rapper would later tell McGregor not to worry, “you might get us next time.”

Could 50 Cent one day gear up to fight McGregor himself? Say what you like about the rapper, but he looks like he’d definitely pack a mean punch, though we think he might be better suited to staying in his lane and just rapping.

The video you’re about to see shows the rapper rattling away on the speed bag while Mayweather looks on and encourages him. His hands aren’t that terrible, we’ll say that much.

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Could he take on McGregor though, a man who lasted ten rounds with the greatest defensive boxer of all time in his professional boxing debut? We aren’t so sure. Check out the video below and let us know if you think 50 Cent would have a chance against Conor McGregor!