Teen Girl Sucker Punches Boy With Down Syndrome

Ok. This is a disgusting story.

Please be warned before reading on – the following article contains graphics which some people may find disturbing.

Footage has gone viral on social media today of a teenage girl attacking a boy with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Following the incident, she’s claimed that he “asked for it”, making excuses up rather than apologising.

You can check out the footage here:

As you can clearly see, despite her claims, he doesn’t appear to be the least bit hostile.

Following the outcry about the video, she took to Facebook to post a poor attempt at an apology.

punch response

And now, there is somewhat of a “bounty” on her head, after Facebook page Most Wanted Lads posted the video, in the hope that someone would recognise her and dob her in.

The video was accompanied by the caption:

“Since when is it ok to f-cking do this to a disable person or anyone in general, wtf is wrong with people these days. Ya all sick fucking people who deserve to be jailed for life. This just makes me sick please check the comments you will see what the scum did after”

The following picture was also shared:

sick people

As things progressed further, she backtracked a little, offering a slightly more improved “apology”.

punch response 2

Hopefully this piece of social justice is a lesson for anyone who thinks its okay to pick on disabled people in the future.