A New Khabib Nurmagomedov Trend Is Emerging In Street Fights Around The World

This clip is further proof (if any was needed) of the value of takedown defence.

All things being equal, the dude with the height and reach advantage should mop the floor with his much smaller opponent but what becomes quickly evident, here, is that the little fella knows how to fight against bigger blokes and the tall dude has the balance of Bambi on ice.

It’s unclear what started this scrap but by the time the camera is rolling, both dudes are ready to throw down.

Something that should have been a red flag for Tall Dude is the fact that Shorty has whipped his t-shirt off: that’s a clear sign that someone is about to fight as aggressive as fu*k.

The duel gets off to an inauspicious start with both lads throwing fists with reckless abandon: it looks like the streetfight version of button mashing.

‘Which one’s block?!’

But then they get a little close to each other and this is where Shorty is in his element: he quickly gets ahold of his taller opponent and ragdolls him to the concrete ground.

From there, he starts to rain down some shots while an onlooker screams “It’s over! That little n*gga’s strong as fu*k, I told you, bro!”

After copping his fair share of punishment, Tall Dude manages to get back to his feet, only to be immediately taken back down. Someone needs to teach this lanky bast*rd how to sprawl!

He gets up quicker the next time but is taken down again! Not only can he not defend the takedown but he seems completely unable to stop his little opponent from gaining full mount and beating the stuffing out of him.

When Shorty takes mercy on him and lets him back to his feet, Tall Dude starts daring him to ‘throw hands’ like it’s his fault the fella doesn’t know how to keep the fight standing.

The one-sided scrap ends with the pair on their feet and Tall Dude trapped in a headlock. Hopefully, he goes away and works on his takedown defence. And his striking. And other ways to not get beaten up by dudes half his size.

Hopefully, the little lad gets into wrestling: he clearly has a talent for it!

It was at this moment that Tall Dude realised he’d fu*ked up

The definitive guide to having your day ruined, 101


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