Mike Tyson Confronts Donald Trump About Sleeping With His Wife

Controversial presidential hopeful Donald Trump is known for speaking his mind and not giving a sh*t about who he upsets but when Mike Tyson had beef with him, Trump had to turn on the charm or face the consequences.

In the late 80’s, rumours had been circulating that the property mogul was having an affair with Tyson’s wife at the time, Robin Givens.

According to journalist Harry Hurt III, the pair were seen alone on a number of occasions and Trump had even been heard loudly critiquing Givens’ oral sex technique.

Years later, speaking to Tim O’Brian, Trump recalled an extremely awkward conversation between himself and Iron Mike.

Tyson entered Trump’s office on Fifth Avenue, New York, and began chatting amicably with The Donald but after about fifteen minutes, the Baddest Man on the Planet got to the point of his visit.

“Mr. Trump, could I ask you a question?” he asked.
“Whatever you want, Mike,” Trump responded.
“Are you fucking my wife?”
“Are you fucking my wife? Everyone’s telling me that you’re fucking my wife.”

Tyson proceeded to pull out a copy of Vogue magazine that featured a picture of Givens wearing a Trump Princess hat from the billionaire businessman’s yacht.

“Everyone’s telling me that you’re fucking my wife and I think you’re fucking my wife,” Tyson continued.
“Mike, let me tell you something: I never ever even thought about it. And I heard those rumors and they’re disgusting. In fact, I called you a couple of times to tell you that I heard those rumors and it p*sses me off. And I never, ever even thought about it. She’s your wife, she’s with you, she’s loyal to you, and it’s total bullsh*t.”
“Mike it’s absolutely bullsh*t, it’s false,” Trump reiterated. “I give you my word.”
“Could I lie down on your couch?” asked Tyson.
“Because I’m so tired I just want to nap.”
“Sure, go ahead.”

Tyson went and stretched out on a red couch next to Trump’s desk. One of his staffers later walked into his office and found Tyson asleep.

“Donald, Mike Tyson is drooling on your couch,” the employee said.
“You wake him and tell him!” Trump responded.

The Donald may be a very powerful individual but I bet he was sh*tting himself when Iron Mike accused him of sleeping with his wife! Trump’s just lucky that he’s got the skills to talking himself out of a sticky situation…