Woman Refuses To Stop Smoking In Non Smoking Area, Officer Having None Of It

Damn, some people are so addicted to nicotine, they can’t go the length of a sports match without taking a drag on a ciggy, even if there’s a cop there, telling them to put it out!

In a video captured by a fan at a recent Alabama Crimson Tide American football game, an officer can be seen asking a woman to put out her cigarette as smoking inside the Bryant-Denny Stadium is prohibited (because this is no longer the goddamn 80’s).

The woman responds by taking a defiant drag on her cigarette before holding it up towards the officer’s face and sarcastically offering him a puff.

In reply, he immediately whips out his handcuffs and begins to arrest her. The woman screams out and falls to the ground while the officer tries to take her into custody.

There are two things that I absolutely love about this brief but beautiful clip:

1) The way the old lady goes from smug to shocked, real fast: it’s like she thought she was above the law right up until the moment that she discovered she wasn’t and it’s beautiful to witness.

And 2) The fact that the music blaring out of the stadium speakers kicks in as she’s being arrested and the bass drops at the very end of the video: it’s like the DJ was watching this chaotic scene unfold and wanted to offer a soundtrack to it!

Although she was detained and ejected from the game, there are no records of the woman being charged over the incident. Still, this is a lesson she doesn’t forget in a hurry.

A defiant puff. Love the disapproving look from the lady in red!

It was at this point that she realised she’d fu*ked up…

I know American football games have a tendency to drag on but if you’re unable to go the length of one without having a puff on a durry, you might just have a ciggy butt brain.

‘You got a ciggy butt braaaaiiiin!’

Also, if an officer comes and tells you to put it out, don’t be a dick. You’d think at her age she would have learned that by now…