MMA Fighter Who DESTROYED Tai Chi Master Detained By Chinese Police In Dramatic Clip

Controversial mixed martial arts teacher Xu Xiaodong has been detained by Chinese authorities moments before he was due to fight another Tai Chi master.

Earlier this year, in a planned exhibition fight, Xu absolutely ruined a different Tai Chi master in only 12 seconds. The footage quickly viral and prompted a huge backlash in his homeland, forcing Xu into hiding for a while.

Xu’s overwhelming victory and the manner in which it came about were seen as an insult to Chinese culture in general and the Chinese authorities in particular since Tai Chi is endorsed by the national government.

It also sparked a heated national debate about the effectiveness of Tai Chi against Western-style fighting. To some, the outspoken self-promoter’s actions are seen as making a mockery of the culture while to others, he was a hero who was dispelling myths about the effectiveness of Tai Chi.

Hero or villain?

If you haven’t seen the original clip, check it out (warning: don’t blink!).

In the run up to his second fight against a Tai Chi master, Vice News caught up with Xu, who said he was on a quest to expose “Fake martial arts in China.”

So he was all set to go with his second bout when Chinese authorities burst into the complex where the fight was due to take place and shut the whole thing down.

Xu was detained for questioning but was released shortly afterwards. He then took to his account on Wechat (a Chinese social media platform, similar to Facebook) to announce that he had been “censored for the second time.”

Critics of the government say that the bout was broken up in order to prevent Xu from continuing to show up the inadequacies of Tai Chi as a genuine martial art. What do you guys think? I reckon he is doing good work and they should just let him bang, bro!

‘I train UFC, bro!’


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