Calls For Diego Sanchez To Retire After Matt Brown KO’s Him Cold With Elbow

The co-main event at UFC Fight Night 120 saw Matt Brown Diego Sanchez – two absolute legends of the game – go at it in front of a packed stadium in Norfolk, Virginia.

Considering the fact that it was Veterans Day – a day dedicated to honouring the veterans of the United States Armed Forces – it seemed only fitting that there were so many veterans on this fight card.

In addition to Joe Lauzon (41 pro fights), Andrei Arlovski (42 pro fights) and Nate Marquardt (56 pro fights), we were treated to a co-main event between ‘The Immortal’ Matt Brown and The Ultimate Fighter 1 winner Diego Sanchez.

Brown came into this one stating that he would retire if he lost the fight. Subsequently, he fought like a guy that was literally battling for his career.

Pretty much as soon as things got underway, Sanchez shot for a double leg takedown but Brown defended it and attacked with elbows.

Knowing that Brown had the advantage on the feet, Sanchez shot a couple more times but each subsequent takedown attempt appeared weaker than the last and Brown stuffed them with ease.

A liver shot from “The Nightmare” briefly dropped Brown but it only seemed to anger him and steel his resolve to get the fight finished quickly.

Sanchez attempted another kick to the body but Brown caught it, pushed him back, and slammed an almighty elbow into the side of his skull, knocking him out instantly.

The beginning of the end…


Despite his pre-fight retirement talk, The Immortal was noncommittal after his convincing victory, which halted a three-fight losing skid.

“We will see what happens,” Brown said. “I will talk about it with my friends, family over the holidays. As for now, I had to keep my focus on Diego. If you don’t put 100 percent sole focus into him, he is going to whip your ass.”

Respect among legends

After such a brutal knockout – the third in his last four fights after never being knocked out in his first 34 – there were calls for Sanchez to hang up the gloves but today he took to Instagram to tell his fans that he wasn’t done just yet.

What do you fellas reckon? After such a storied career and nothing left to prove, should The Nightmare hang up the gloves or have one last dance?

For me, this knockout sealed the deal but I can understand why he wouldn’t want to go out like this. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.