Man Knocks Woman Out After She Tosses Her Matchstick At Him

Ahhh, watching this actually made me feel a bit ill. Who the fu*k does this to a woman? Especially when she hasn’t attacked you and poses absolutely no danger to you?!

This shocking footage shows a man punching a young woman in the mouth and knocking her out after she tossed a matchstick at him.

The attacker stood close to the young woman and blew out her match as she attempted to light a cigarette. In retaliation,
the woman flicked it at the man who escalated the sh*t out of the situation by sucker-punching her.

As a result of the heavy blow, the woman was knocked to the ground, where she cracked her head on the concrete, rendering her unconscious.

She was immediately helped back to her feet by a stunned onlooker. Bizarrely, the assh*le that knocked her out actually assisted in getting her back up. Perhaps he realised what a dangerous, stupid thing he had just done.

The brutally violent incident occurred outside Milk nightclub, in Ulyanovsk, a Russian city located about 900km east of Moscow.

According to an eyewitness, the pair of were involved in a conversation outside the club before things turned sour.

Just trying to light her dart

The identities of both the attacker and the victim are unknown at this stage. It’s also not known whether the incident was even reported to the local police force.

This sort of behaviour is disturbing and disgusting in equal measure. Even more depressing is the fact that we’re almost bound to have people commenting that she provoked him by throwing a match at him.

What a coward

Although responding something so stupid isn’t strictly necessary (since the vast majority of our readers have more than two braincells kicking about their head), for the moron that is bound to make that point: remember that he blew her match out so he was in no danger of catching on fire.

Considering that, all she did was throw a one-gram piece of wood at him after he dickishly blew out her match.

I hope this assh*le gets what’s coming to him…

The unidentified woman was laid out