Khabib Nurmagomedov Makes Conor McGregor A Fight Offer He Can’t Refuse

We may only be 4 days in to 2018, but already a new story line for Conor McGregor appears to be emerging.

Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Despite Tony Ferguson holding the UFC lightweight interim title, it is becoming less and less likely that he will ever face McGregor due to his lack of exposure in the mainstream market.

After Khabib’s dominance over Edson Barboza at UFC 219, Khabib stated he was willing to fight both Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor on the one night.

“Tony or Conor, don’t matter,” he said during the post-fight press conference. “Maybe if the UFC approves, I can fight with these guys in the same night. I swear, no joke.

“Maybe I have to stay humble, but tonight, I have to smash these guys and get these guys back, because these guys talk too much when I’m injured,” he said. “But when I’m healthy, I don’t see these guys.”

McGregor was quick to dismiss the Dagestani wrestler, labelling his performance as “dog shit”.

Nurmagomedov responded in less than an hour to the Irishman’s tweet.

McGregor then said he would need to be begged in order for someone to fight him, and then referred to his own whiskey line, which will no doubt bring in millions of dollars for the culturally acclaimed mixed martial artist.

McGregor capped off his tirade with two more tweets for good measure.

Khabib hasn’t backed down though, playing a good trolling game with responses to each of his tweets.

And now, Khabib has made Conor an offer he can’t refuse.

McGregor, who’s biggest concern was getting paid handsomely, could potentially take home Khabib’s fight purse, after he offered to fight him for free.

Speaking to TMZ Sports Khabib was asked how much money it would take for him to fight Conor… “Zero. I don’t need money, I need only real fights, fights for the title. I don’t fight for the money. I fight for my legacy, I fight for history, I fight for my people, that’s why I’m here.”

So what do you think? Is Khabib a complete badass? Is Conor running out of reasons to turn this fight down? Let us know your thoughts!