Justin Gaethje calls out the ‘crybaby’ of the lightweight division

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What is up with the UFC’s lightweight division at the moment?

Almost every single day there is a new story about fighters in that weight class who have beef with each other.

The latest two to square off verbally are Justin Gaethje and James Vick.

These two are amongst the most talented fighters in the division and are both ranked guys, so it is no surprise to see a little bit of tension there.

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However, Gaethje brought this to a whole new level in an interview with FOX 29 ahead of his big fight with Dustin Poirier this weekend.

When asked about the opportunity to fight Poirier, the 18-1 fighter said: “I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I could be fighting some turd like James Vick – f-cking crybaby that never shuts up.”

His opponent Poirier has shown nothing but respect to him in the lead-up to this fight, but Poirier is no stranger to verbal sparring either.

He is known to have a dislike for Eddie Alvarez, who he feels deliberately cheated in their fight before it was called a no contest.

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Vick is a fighter who has become known for complaining about the fact that he doesn’t get bigger fights.

He has won nine of his last 10 UFC bouts, but the Texan has still not broke into the very top tier of the division.

Gaethje has taken issue with some of Vick’s comments, adding:“That dude needs to get slapped. He called me a b-tch on the Internet, so when I do see him, I’m going to slap the f-ck out of him. I am not happy with him.

“It’s like seeing a little kid that just won’t shut up because their parents won’t spank him. It gets old.”

Vick didn’t take long to reply to these comments, as is seen below.

A fight between these two is a bout most fans would love to see.

Vick has shown himself to be one of the top lightweight talents in The Octagon, taking a decision victory over Francisco Trinaldo and a knockout against Joe Duffy in his last two fights.

These are stellar results against excellent competition and he is absolutely huge for this division.

Meanwhile, Gaethje is a fighter who has two Fight of the Night bonuses from two fights in the UFC. He has quickly become a fan favourite, because he only knows how to fight one way – by coming forward.