John Kavanagh Has Bad News For Conor McGregor Fans

The coach of UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has a little bit of tough news for fans of the Irish mixed martial artist turned dabbling professional boxer.

He hasn’t heard from McGregor in a little while, given that he’s been off celebrating a wedding in Ibiza, Spain for the last week or so, and generally having a bit of down time after his boxing super fight with veteran boxing star Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

It’s been a full paced few months for the Irishman and his team, and his coach, John Kavanagh has said it’s time that they “switch off” and give themselves some time to recuperate. Basically, fans shouldn’t expect to see McGregor back in the octagon in the immediate future.

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“It’s probably a little late in the day to realistically expect another fight before the end of the year, because even after this hiatus is over, a lot goes into the planning and execution of a training camp at our level,” Kavanagh wrote in his guest column for, an Irish sports website.“I find it hard to envisage another fight in 2017.”

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UFC president Dana White believes fight fans will see McGregor defending his lightweight title by the end of 2017, but whether this will actually come to fruition is anyone’s guess. He has noted that McGregor could easily afford to retire at any point he chooses, given he made over $100 million for his boxing super fight with Mayweather. Despite being TKO’d in the tenth round, McGregor managed to land some good shots and managed to shock the boxing world with his performance. The pay-per-view numbers are expected to break the all-time record for purchases but is yet to be confirmed.

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“I’ve said for a long time that the Nate Diaz trilogy fight at lightweight is what I’d personally like to see next,” he said. “That still needs to be put to bed.”

Kavanagh was quick to dismiss the idea of fighting either of the interim title challengers at lightweight, Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson, saying he’d prefer to have McGregor fight Diaz because of the appeal the fight has to fans.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t actually know who Kevin was until very recently,” Kavanagh said. “Tony is a solid fighter, but he doesn’t have the kind of appeal that would get your blood racing, particularly in the context of coming from the excitement of the Nate Diaz rematch, the historical significance of beating Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden, and the novelty of facing the greatest boxer of his generation.”

“Knowing Conor, I could get a text message tonight telling me otherwise,” he concluded. “He’s difficult to predict, which is one of the many reasons why he’s so fascinating.”

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