Huge Rift Reported Between Conor McGregor And Dana White

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Jeremy Botter from appearsto have a credible source inside Conor McGregor’s camp.

Last week he broke the news that McGregor would fight Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197, which turned out to be accurate.

It now appears Botter knows a lot more.

Speaking on News Talk’s Off The Ball show, Botter revealed that McGregor may not be in the UFC for much longer.

“Conor has never wanted to be a cog in the wheel,” Botter said.

“If you’re in the UFC, you’re a cog in the wheel. You’re just another part of the machine, you’re expendable, you get what they give you even if you get to a level where Conor has gotten to.”

It’s been heavily publicised that the UFC under-pays it’s fighters, but they undoubtedly made an exception to the rule to keep McGregor on their payroll as long as possible.

“I don’t know the exact terms of the deal, but I’ve been told he’s making between $16 and $20 million dollars per fight,” Botter said.

Despite this, McGregor still only takes a fraction of the revenue and has the potential to earn a lot more on his own.

Competition is far more fierce in Boxing, with a variety of Boxing promoters, hence fighters having more negotiation power – it seems now McGregor wants to bring this concept to MMA.

“Conor McGregor wants to be the wheel. That’s been his dream from the beginning. He doesn’t want to just make a lot of money. He wants to make all of the money and he is following that boxing model.”

He’s even trademarked his own company, “McGregor Sports and Entertainment”, with his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, the current president of his organisation.

“He is already laying the ground work for this,” Botter continued.

And with McGregor growing rapidly as the biggest name in combat sports, Botter believes a rift is building between he and Dana White.

Speculation first arose of a rift back at UFC 194, when UFC co-owner Frank Fertitta was seen slamming the belt down after McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo and Dana White then failed to turn up to the post-fight press conference – something he never misses.

Botter said that the power McGregor now commands in the UFC has fractured his relationship with Dana White, having been “frozen out” of his contract talks.

“I believe that things between Conor and Lorenzo Fertitta are okay but, from what I understand, Dana White has been frozen out of the process entirely and I don’t know why.

“There was going to come a point where… they’ve created this and now they can’t put it back in the cage.”

McGregor has also expressed his strong desire to fight at Croke Park in front of his home crowd, which is something the UFC does not seem interested in doing.

“His intention honestly is to do Croke Park on his own. He wants to do that fight in Croke Park, the UFC are never going to do it just because of the timezone difference and how much cost it would represent to put on a pay-per-view in the afternoon and other parts of the world.”

It wasn’t that long ago that the two were “best friends”, but things continue down this path, things could get extremely ugly.

“They [White and the Fertitta’s] went out and were Conor’s best friends – you’ve seen the video of him driving with Dana down the strip and they’re hanging out at his house when he was training here last year.

“They thought they had a new best friend but what they actually had was a guy that wanted to be their business partner.”