Disturbing “Day After” Images Of Gilbert Melendez’s Leg Go Viral

Not too long ago, Jeremy Stephens faced the very real possibility of being best remembered for the ‘Who the fook is that guy’ burn that Conor McGregor put on him at a press conference in the run up to UFC 205.

But after UFC 215, he will go down in history as the dude that murdered Gilbert Melendez’s leg.

Before the fight, Stephens said that he was a fan of Melendez but felt that he held an advantage over him due to the fact that he was younger and his opponent was making his featherweight debut.

“He knows what he’s getting. It’s not like you have to look this up through YouTube,” Stephens said. “We’ve both been around a long time, he’s been a fan of me, I’ve been a fan of him, we’re great exciting fighters. I feel like I’ve evolved with the new age, I’ve adapted to these top guys at 145 pounds. He’s in new territory and he’s gotten older.”

Stephen’s ensured that it was the featherweight debut from hell: right from the opening bell, he chopped away at Melendez’s lead leg with heavy kicks in the same fashion that Edson Barboza did in his previous fight against the same opponent.

This is one of three million recorded leg kicks

Despite the all out assault, Melendez fought bravely, like the warrior he is

Melendez, who has a tendency to lean heavily on his lead leg, hit the canvas a bunch of times during the lopsided contest and by the end of the third round, he could barely stand up.

How is that leg of his faring one day after it’s savage mauling? Well, Gilbert’s wife Keri Melendez posted a pic of it to her Instagram account with the following caption:

“Hey all. Everyone is asking about Gilbert’s leg. Here’s is a pic today. He is doing A ok. Thank you to all for the support. We feel the love.”

Ouch #mma #ufc #ufc215 #mmamemes #ufcmemes

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‘A ok’? That thing looks like a fu*king sausage! Maybe he should think about A) leaning a little lighter on it and B) checking some bloody leg kicks! Let’s hope he makes a full recovery soon…

This man is an absolute fu*king savage!

If you missed the kicks yesterday, recap below:

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