George Foreman Calls Out Steven Seagal For “No Rules” Fight In Vegas

Who knew the wake left by UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s boxing superfight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather could stir up so many new and insane fight matchups?

Could former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman take on the martial arts movie legend Steven Seagal and win? We’re betting yes, and so is Foreman, it seems.

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Foreman created a whirlwind on Monday when he tweeted out a challenge to Seagal, saying “Steven Seagal, I challenge you, one on one, I use boxing, you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas.”

Seriously, sounds like a wacky time, right? Can Seagal bring any of the semi-automatic guns, knives, katanas or crazy weapons that he’s used in his Hollywood career? No way. Hand to hand only, as proposed by Foreman himself.

So is this guy for real? He certainly seems to be serious…

Foreman is 68-years-old now, but it seems the two-time boxing heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist is ready to return to the ring. Laying down his amazing (seriously, amazing) range of cooking appliances to lace his gloves up once more, we think he’s got more than a chance of beating up the aikido black belt Seagal.

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Foreman possesses a record of 76 wins and just five losses as a professional boxer, and last appeared in the ring in November of 1997 when he took on Shannon Briggs, losing a controversial majority decision that left many fans with a sour taste in their mouths at the time.

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Seagal is well known for his martial arts movies, and has a background in aikido. At 65 years of age, he is a little younger than Foreman, and has rubbed shoulders with mixed martial arts legends like Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. Regardless, Foreman is much more battle tested than his would-be opponent, and we’re willing to bet he’d put a hurting on the “king of improv”, as Seagal has called himself.

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Would you be down to watch a boxing superfight between Steven Seagal and boxing legend George Foreman? Let us know your thoughts about this weird one in the comments!