Footage Of Highway Patrol Officer ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Woman Has Been Released

Dash cam footage has been released after a woman claimed that a Tennessee Highway Patrol Officer groped her while searching her without cause last August.

29-year-old Patricia Wilson is seeking $100,000 in damages after alleging that Highway patrol officer Isaiah Lloyd groped her arse and vagina while performing a search and then waited three hours before stopping her again.

Attorney James A. H. Bell represented Lloyd during the police department’s review and claims that the officer only searched Wilson because she admitted to having taken Ambien, a sedative primarily used for the treatment of trouble sleeping.

This claim is somewhat debatable since the dashcam video doesn’t show Ambien being discussed until after the search actually began.

Then, three hours after the initial incident, Lloyd again stopped Wilson outside her home. Wilson believes that after the first stop, Lloyd used her driver’s license to obtain her address and then waited for her to return from work.

During the second stop, Wilson alleges that Floyd told her: “We have to stop meeting like this,” although he claims that he doesn’t remember saying this.

‘I want you to pretend you’re Rose from Titanic’

‘Now, pull my finger’

The Tennessee Highway Patrol Office have cleared Lloyd of any criminal wrongdoing and also released a statement of support for the officer, claiming that he ‘conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner in an effort to protect the motoring public’.

Despite this, judicial district attorney, Jared Effler, said that while he, most likely, wouldn’t be charging Lloyd with a crime, his actions were ‘inconsistent with his training’.

He also stated that a seatbelt ticket issued to Wilson would be revoked.

Effler wrote:

“Our review of this matter has been forwarded to Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security David Purkey, along with a request that the findings of our review be reviewed with Trooper Lloyd to prevent similar incidents in the future.”

Two Attorneys are now suing Lloyd on Wilson’s behalf and are asking a judge to declare his search techniques unconstitutional.

What do you guys reckon about this one? I have to say, it looks to me like Lloyd didn’t do anything wrong in that initial search and this bird is just looking for a big payday.

Still, it’s pretty damn creepy to linger outside her house and pull her up again, hours later. Sounds to me like Floyd was looking for a big payday of his own!

‘You concealing any weapons besides dat assss?’